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Feb 4, 2021

Kate is a professional artist, illustrator, and pinstriper based in Central Texas. Kate’s link to the industry stems from her focus on vintage pinups, hot rods, and war airplane “nose art”. Inspired by early family experiences, Kate began her artistic career as a teenager when she was hired to illustrate a children’s story book. In college, Kate entered her work into an art show, which became her first commissioned job. Today Kate owns Asphalt Canvas Custom Art where she continues creating artwork inspired by her customer’s ideas.  Join us in this episode as this visionary artist talks about restoring her first car—a 1966 Jeepster Commando—and how through her journey, she has never let her failures hold her back. Buckle up Femcanics! 

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I am excited to connect with you! The Femcanic audience feedback drives the show. I’d love for you to text me at ‪(614) 636-2240‬.  

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