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Nov 27, 2019

Olivia Cook is a custom painter for Marine Technology Inc. aka MTI. “What is that?”, you ask, and
“What does she do?”  Well, she paints high performance racing and pleasure catamaran style boats, center console vee-bottoms, and twin outboard catamarans—each paint job custom-designed to the client’s desire! What’s special about that? How is that related to automotive paint jobs? Well, just ONE of the boats she paints is like painting THREE ‘57 Cadillacs put together! The largest boat they sell is 57 feet long. Before painting boats, however, Olivia worked in the collision industry painting cars for over 10 years. Her work was so good that she was recruited to MTI. Just this year, she joined the All Girls Garage team for the 2019 SEMA build, “High Yellow”, which was revealed earlier this month. Olivia was responsible for that beautiful, bright paint job on High Yellow. Join us on this episode to learn about Olivia’s story and hear her tips on how to move ahead in the automotive/motorsports industry as a woman!

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