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May 25, 2022

Lyn St. James’ racing career began in the late 1970s and since then, she was unstoppable. She is known as the American Woman Racing Icon of the Century, and was the first woman to win Indianapolis 500 Rookie of The Year. Lyn was also the only woman to win an IMSA GT race driving solo (’85 Serengeti 500 at Watkins Glen International Raceway). Aside from being a race car driver, Lyn is also an author, businesswoman, speaker, coach, and mentor. Lyn founded the Women in the Winner’s Circle Foundation in 1994 and also helped create the Women’s Sports Foundation Project Podium Scholarship which aims to provide scholarship funds for women in auto racing.

Lyn’s Contact Info:
Business Website -
Instagram - @lsjracing -
Facebook - Lyn Stjames -
LinkedIn - Lyn St. James -
Purchase Lyn’s book! The Ride of Your Life: A Racecar Driver's Journey

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