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May 2, 2019

Laura Landes is in the driver seat this week.  She is an automotive welder and fabricator.  She has been welding for over seven years and in the industry over ten.  Laura has traveled with drifting race teams and worked for a high-end company that specializes in racing headers and exhausts.  This is a powerful interview for any women that has experienced discrimination in the workplace or a time that a person has tried to pull power moves.

She shares her story about how she started down the path of traditional college majoring in criminal justice and sociology and caught the automotive bug when working on her 1992 BMW E30 convertible.  She wanted a manual, but couldn’t afford a second car.  She spent a weekend at her dad’s garage with two friends and swapped out her automatic transmission with a manual transmission.  That was when her folks knew she was serious about her career change.

Laura talks about working for a BMW dealer and the discrimination she experiences from a customer and Snap-on representative. Her journey into welding and the confrontation she experienced from a former male colleague that lead to her colleague’s firing for putting his hands on her.  This is a must listen from a very courageous and powerful women.



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