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Oct 27, 2021

Rebecca is a professional monster truck driver with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live. Rebecca doesn’t just drive any monster truck, though, she drives the iconic Big Foot! Rebecca has loved trucks since she was a little girl, but her career as a monster truck driver began after touring and working in the pits with her husband (who’s also a monster truck driver) and realizing this is where her passion truly lies. In 2020, while getting through the pandemic, Rebecca took the plunge and left her established career as a travelling ER nurse to drive monster trucks full-time. Don’t miss this episode--Rebecca’s enthusiasm while sharing her story will have you chasing your dreams as well!

Rebecca’s Contact Info:
Business Website
Instagram Rebecca.schnell_mtdriver
YouTube Rebecca Schnell
Facebook The Schnell’s monster truck page
TikTok 13rebeccaschnell

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