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Jul 2, 2021

Brionna Lynch is a total Femcanic badass! Not only is she a professional stunt driver, she is also a self-taught mechanic, AND a savvy business woman. At only 24 years old, she is known as the best African American female stunt driver in Hollywood. She has over 50 films and TV credits for stunt driving including the TV shows Preacher and Blue Bloods and the movies Black Panther, Fate of the Furious: In the Family, and Proud Mary. When she’s not stunt driving for Hollywood, she is drift racing and/or fixing her favorite drift cars. Her top stunts include “the cannon” and “the sidewinder”--if you want to know what those are, you’ll have to listen to this episode!

Bri's Contact Info:

I am excited to connect with you. I’d love for you to text me at ‪(614) 636-2240 with your feedback‬. The Femcanic audience drives the show!

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